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In 2000, Applic8 developed the very first Cloud-based solution for managing Payroll in Switzerland. Today, we continue to add to that legacy by using the latest technologies to optimise HR and Payroll data and processes. Our solutions allow clients – both multinational and local organisations across the globe – to increase process efficiency, enhance data integrity, and improve compliance and visibility of critical HR and Payroll data.

Which Solution Are You Looking For?

Applic8’s HR and Payroll solutions help customers of all sizes and geographies maximise the value of their existing HR and Payroll landscapes, data, and business processes. Choose a solution below to learn more or contact us directly to schedule a demonstration.


for Multinational Organisations

Based on our proprietary BYOS™ technology (Bring Your Own Systems) this solution transforms and integrates data from all of your HR and Payroll data sources, saving time, increasing data quality, and improving compliance and visibility of your most critical information.

Who Benefits?

Any multinational organisation that must integrate and harmonize data between different core HRIS applications (like Workday or SAP SuccessFactors), multiple payroll providers, third-party HR providers, and Financial applications.

Applic8 HR Payroll Consolidation
Applic8 Absences Management Time Tracking


for Swiss Organisations

Applic8 Payroll is a complete payroll solution for Swiss organisations — powerful, efficient and perfectly suited to your needs. Payroll can be a challenging task, but it’s one that we successfully meet head-on, according to our clients.

Who Benefits?

Any Swiss based organization that is looking for a powerful, robust and reliable cloud-based payroll solution, hosted in Switzerland and Swissdec 4.0 certified.


for Swiss Organisations

Our team of specialists provides high quality services while our infrastructure guarantees confidentiality and the highest level of security. Our payroll outsourcing services allow you to combine the advantages of permanent access to your data with the help and instant support of our professional payroll team. Our fully customisable à la carte offering allows you to choose the right level of services for your company, from simple payroll processing to full outsourcing and employee hotline.

Who Benefits?

Any Swiss organisation that is looking to outsource payroll processes in order to focus on strategic HR management rather than administrative or regulatory tasks.

Applic8 Swiss Payroll Processing
Applic8 Swiss Payroll Outsourcing


for Swiss and Multinational Organisations

Applic8 offers a solution that allows your staff – in Switzerland and 60+ countries worldwide – to easily forward requests for time off or holidays, to view available time usage and credit, to update personal information, and to consult their e-payslips and HR documents.

Who Benefits?

Any organisation that is looking to manage staff holidays, time off, sick leave and attendance in a simple and intuitive way with an application accessible anytime, from anywhere and wanting to enforce compliance with corporate rules.

Life Made Simple

All Applic8 solutions are offered with our “Life Made Simple” promise that ensures you receive the best service, highest solution quality, and most transparent pricing available in the market.
  • Immediate, Expert Support

    Applic8’s customers receive unlimited, high level support from our solution experts

  • All-Inclusive Pricing

    Our transparent pricing includes all services and support. This means there are no hidden costs or surprises

  • Applic8 Solutions Are Fully Web-Based

    No hardware investment or software installations are required

  • Easily Interface With Third-Party Solutions

    Applic8 enables you to easily integrate data with any third-party solutions using Web Services and open standards (

  • Global Or Local - The Right Solution For Your Business

    Applic8 offers a multi-jurisdiction, localized, multi-currency solution designed to help customers of all sizes and geographies

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