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Applic8’s Multi-Country Payroll Consolidation solution provides a secure platform that allows businesses to securely and globally exchange, control, monitor and report on Payroll data and processes across their entire landscape. The Multi-Country Payroll Consolidation solution transforms and integrates data from all sources, saving time, increasing data quality, and improving compliance and visibility of your most critical Payroll data.

MCPC Overview

Why choose Applic8’s Multi-Country Payroll Consolidation solution?

When your HR and payroll data are spread across different vendors, it can become difficult and costly to:

  • Get a centralized view on all payroll operations
  • Standardize the data transfer between HRIS and payroll providers
  • Secure the data transfer between HRIS and local payroll providers
  • Centralize control and monitoring of local payroll activities
  • Produce accurate global reporting, regardless of the varying outputs and currencies
  • Perform global accounting and calculate accruals to ensure accuracy and compliance
  • Access information and reporting at both local and global levels

The Multi-Country Payroll Consolidation Solution is a global, bi-directional interface service that:

MCPC Solution 1

Gathers HR events and transactions from different data sources into a single gateway

MCPC Solution 2

Converts collected data into payroll transactions and dispatches them to the corresponding country payroll provider

MCPC Solution 3

Serves as a middleware that feeds local country payrolls with global data through a single interface

MCPC Solution 4

Audits local country gross-to-net payroll calculations and ensures global process compliance

MCPC Solution 5

Centralizes the collection of payroll returns

MCPC Solution 6

Feeds a company’s global systems (Finance, Reporting, Treasury) from a single gateway

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